duminică, 2 august 2009

Mesaj catre generatiile viitoare

And I have a message for the future generations, and it is: Please, accept our apologies

Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. ...agree. Vonnegut - FOREVA !!!

    O fishka ядерная de-a lui :

    After World War II , I set out to become an anthropologist - and in fact earned an M.A. in that field from the University of Chicago. That was a big mistake. I couldn't stand primitive people. They were so stupid! But I still have a favorite Native American tribe , the FUH-KAR-WEE, who actually exist only in a joke my brother , Bernie , told me.

    The joke : In the late 19th century , supposedly , there was this tribe of Indians, see , who had become nomadic. They were forced off their ancestral lands by pioneers , peace treaties and the United States Cavalry.


    So an agent from the Bureau of Indian Affairs was sent to interview them at one of their temporary encampments , to learn who and what they are - or to be more exact - who and what they used to be. He asked the name of the tribe. They said , "We are the FUH-KAR-WEE."

    The agent wanted to know if the name had a special meaning. They said it had in fact been adopted only recently and was based on what their chief , who had just died , wailed in despair at sunset on every day of their aimless wandering :

    "Where the FUH-KAR-WEE?"

    Ancient Romans didn't say , "Where the FUH-KAR-WEE?" but they might as well have. "QUO VADIS?" they said.

  2. Stela Gheorghe27 mai 2010, 15:23

    In case 1) they will exist and 2)they will be disposed to accept our apologies :))